1. Do Your Research First! Regardless of how soon you plan on moving, it’s vital to do some initial research on communities and home builders within the city you plan on moving to. Often the housing market will have several homes available for purchase. However, you don’t want to be too hasty and jump on the wrong opportunity, especially for something as important as a new home. So make sure you do your homework on trusted builders in the area and community features. That way, it will be easier to decide what community you and your family should live in and what home would be best for you! For instance, Abbey Platinum Master Built is the premier home builder for Central Alberta. That means if you’re looking for a well-crafted quick possession home in the Red Deer area, homes built by Abbey Platinum are sure to satisfy your family’s needs!

2. Check Out Some Shows Homes

While online portfolios can give you a pretty good idea of the home’s layout and features, you need to walk around the space to get an authentic feel for it. At Abbey Platinum Master Built, we regularly update our show homes to ensure you can see our homes up close and personal! That way, you can truly get a feel for the quality of work we put into our quick possession homes before you decide to buy. Our team will gladly take you on a tour of our show homes in Red Deer and area so you can see the craftsmanship that goes into an Abbey Platinum Master Built quick possession home!

3. Secure a Move-in Date

When shopping around for a quick possession home, it’s important to remember that these homes often close much faster than new builds. Still, your move-in date may not be immediate. Suppose you and your family need to move into your new home by a specific date. In that case, it’s vital that you are transparent about your timelines. That way, our team at Abbey Platinum can show you homes that can accommodate your timeline, and you can move in exactly when you need to.

4. Consider Renovations for the Future

The joy of quick possessions homes is that they are ready for you to move into almost immediately. However, that may mean you must compromise on some features or floor plan details. But fret not! There are countless ways you can customize your quick possession home both in the short term and long term. Working with a trusted home builder like Abbey Platinum Master Built can ensure that you get precisely what you want when you renovate your home. Your home can and should be as unique as you are, and Abbey Platinum Master Built can make that a reality!

Ready to Find Your New Home?

If you are ready to begin searching for a new home, Abbey Platinum Master Built is here to help! We have several quick possession homes available in Red Deer right now. Contact us today to learn more about our currently available home options!]]>