colder than usual this year? Does it seem like your home suddenly has a persistent draft, rooms that seem cooler than the rest of the house, or constant signs that moisture is present indoors? If you’ve begun to notice these warning signs of the outside seeping indoors, it might be time to consider making some serious energy and building envelope upgrades to extend the life of your home and increase your comfort all year round. As a premier home builder and a team of renovations specialists in Central Alberta, Abbey Platinum Master Built knows just how important it is to create and maintain spaces that are as energy-efficient and protected from the outside elements as possible. Below, we’ll cover 5 important remodels to consider if your building envelope has begun to break down and leave you feeling the chill of the great outdoors. Read on to learn more! What is a “Building Envelope”? Your home’s building envelope refers to any structural or foundational elements that help to envelop the house and protect your home from outside factors like moisture, wind, etc. Your building envelope plays a key role in determining the overall efficiency of your home, as well as how comfortable you are indoors all year round. If you’ve noticed a sudden drop in temperature or that your energy bill seems to be getting more inconsistent month after month, it may be time to take a look at your envelope as a whole to look for gaps or issues. Replacing Windows and Doors Sometimes, improving your home’s energy efficiency is as easy as replacing outdated doors and windows. Over time, the quality of the seal for windows and doors can begin to degrade. Older window panes made not be as thick as today’s standards warrant, and doors that have begun to wear down and let air seep through are a huge culprit of rising energy costs. Upgrade Outdated Insulation If you’re living in a pre-owned home and aren’t sure how up-to-date your insulation is, that could be a contributing factor to climbing bills and cold drafts throughout the home. Upgrading your insulation is a fantastic way to make your home warmer and increase your comfort all year round! Finish the Basement Finishing your basement not only instantly doubles the usable square footage of your home, but also helps to insulate your lower level and prevent the cold from leeching in from the bottom up. Enjoy the perks of extra space, and boost your overall efficiency with this value-added renovation! Want More Information on Energy Efficient Remodels? Let us help you create the home you deserve! Contact Abbey Platinum Master to learn more about renovations today!]]>