Red Deer and Central Alberta, we’re happy to work with existing homeowners to help you design a custom space that’s perfect for your lifestyle. As an award-winning team of construction and renovation specialists, we’re here to make building the ideal house easy. If you’ve been contemplating a renovation but aren’t sure when to move ahead, below are 5 signs it’s the right time to move forward. Read on to learn more! Visible Damage Visible damage is one of the top reasons homeowners choose to renovate, and it’s also one of the most important reasons to forge ahead. While some factors may be purely cosmetic, oftentimes visible damage like missing shingles, cracks in the ceiling or walls and shifting basement cement is actually indicative of far bigger issues that will create costly problems and significant hazards down the line. The sooner you act to repair known issues, the more peace of mind you can have, knowing your home is ready to last for the long term! Outdated Features/Fixtures Tired of living in “this old house”? Character homes and older residences can be incredibly charming, but there’s no denying that outdated features and aged floor plans can be quite inconvenient when it comes to modern living. Renovating rooms or specific features (like your kitchen appliances etc.) can be a great way to extend the life of your home and keep everyone comfortable. Investing in the Future Whether you plan to age in place and stay in your home as long as possible or are planning to sell your starter home, renovating can make it easier to meet your objectives as well as enjoy your space in the present. Having long-term goals in mind helps to guide your design and construction specialists and makes it easier to bring your dream to life! You Need More Space Life moves fast, and it’s pretty common for families to find themselves eventually needing more space as they grow. If you’ve welcomed a few new family members since you first moved in or expecting a new addition in the near future, renovating gives you the chance to expand your space and have the room you need to embrace all of life’s big adventures with ease! You Want To! Finally, sometimes the best reason to renovate is….because you want to! One of the parts of owning your own home is having the chance to customize it to your needs over time. Whether you want to make changes for aesthetics or functionality (or both!), Abbey Platinum Master Built is here to help you transform your space, one room at a time! Contact our team today to learn more about renovations in Red Deer, as well as our services throughout Central Alberta!]]>