Finishing the basement is a fantastic way to instantly double your sq ft, insulate your home, and increase your overall property value. With more homeowners than ever looking to improve their homes this year, basement renovations are among the most popular options. Below, we’ll highlight 5 ways you can get the most out of your basement. Read on to learn more! 1. Home Office Have you adapted work from home life and found yourself considering making the shift more permanent? You’re not alone! The demand for home offices has risen exponentially over the past year, and the basement is an ideal fit for your WFH needs. With plenty of ways to make your office soundproof, comfy, and stylish, you’ll be giving yourself the title of (home) boss of the year in no time! 2. Workout Room Want a room that makes it easy to get your sweat on, all year round? Creating a home fitness centre makes staying on track and working on your form simple, and basements are the perfect area. From installing custom flooring that absorbs sound and cushions your joints to increasing soundproofing and more, creating your very own home gym is easier than you might think! 3. Home Theatres Do you love to keep up with the box office and watch all of the latest blockbusters with the family? Theatres may be closed for the time being, but there’s no reason you can’t settle in and enjoy move night with your loved ones! Designing a home theatre gives you ability to bring a trip to the cinema right to the comfort of your basement, with all of the sound, comfort and brightness you’ve come to love. Settle in and pop the popcorn! It’s time to catch the best flicks from home! 4. Play Space Has your family expanded since you first moved in and you now find yourself running out of room for the kids to play? Basements are a fantastic space to design a dedicated play area that’s comfortably out of the way, but also close enough for you to keep an eye on any shenanigans. From home climbing walls and everything in between, Abbey Platinum Master Built has you covered! 5. Your Perfect Flex Space One of the best aspects of renovating your basement is the sheer versatility available. Even if you don’t have a direct idea of what you’d like the overall end product to be right now, finishing the basement puts you leaps and bounds ahead and gives you a relaxing space that helps insulate your home and decrease energy bills in the meantime. Are you ready to finish your basement and create the space you’ve always wanted? Abbey Platinum Master Built is here to help! Learn more about basement renovations by contacting our team today!]]>