scary. There’s no reason to be nervous when you purchase from a reputable, experienced builder with an extensive portfolio that you can trust, like Abbey Platinum Master Built. You can rely on Abbey Platinum to build you an exceptional home, and provide award-winning customer service every step of the way. Feel extra secure in your investment with our warranty policies through the New Home Buyer Protection Act.

What is the New Home Buyer Protection Act?

In 2014, Alberta passed the New Home Buyer Protection Act. This legislation requires all newly built homes to have mandatory insurance coverage for ten years, protecting new homebuyers from shoddy construction with mandated protections.

1 Year: Materials & Labour

The first year covers defects in materials and workmanship. The first year of living in your home is critical because that’s when you will notice the major and minor flaws, like finding nail pops in your drywall. At Abbey Platinum Master Built, we are builders who put our customers first because we believe in going above and beyond to investigate and fix any concerns that come up within the first year. When we make appointments, we keep them.

2 Years: Delivery & Distribution Systems

During the first two years, coverage is provided for the defects of materials and labour related to the delivery and distribution systems. These are your home’s internal systems of heating, electrical and plumbing.

5 Years: Building Envelope

Your new home is covered for five years regarding defects in the building’s external features that protect the conditioned indoor space. This warranty covers the external unconditioned spaces like the roof and exterior wall.

10 Years: Structural

The load-bearing bones of your house are covered for 10 years after construction. The internal components, like the house frame and foundation, are covered under this warranty.

Abbey Platinum’s High-Quality Promise

Customer satisfaction is our number one priority. The first year in a home is critical because that’s when you will really notice all of the little details that might have been missed. When customers have concerns about their homes, our responsive team of builders quickly fixes the problem! We want you to be happy with your new home and the investment you made. We schedule a one-year inspection beforethe year is up so we can correct any issues before that warranty is up. The products we use are built to last. For example, you will never find a bi-fold closet door in one of our homes because they tend to jam and break.

Open Communication

Throughout our decades of experience, clients sometimes feel they need to withhold information. Regardless of the reason, we highly recommend being as honest as possible with your builders. We cannot serve you to the highest value you deserve if we don’t know all of your dream requirements! We encourage our clients to feel comfortable being candid and open with their ideas. Creating an accurate list of needs, wants, and dream features is essential for first-time buyers. The more information you can provide the builder, the closer to your ideal vision we can get. Open communication continues past clients receiving their keys and moving in! We want to hear from you to ensure everything is going well! If there is something that will aggravate you, like a screw popping out of the drywall, please call us. Abbey Platinum Master Built is proud to be one of Alberta’s most responsive, award-winning home builders. Contact our team today to learn more about New Home Warranty and how it affects you!]]>