There Are Plenty of Benefits to Be Found Whether you grew up in the country and are looking to return or are simply looking to transition away from the city, acreage life has plenty of perks for you to enjoy:

  • Privacy: Large plots of land and plenty of space between properties means you’ll have no problem enjoying your space privately.
  • Abundant Space: As with above, more lot space means you have extra room to grow, play, and relax as a family.
  • No Shortage of Nature: Being removed from boundaries of a lot in the city means your backyard can be extended into the landscape. With nature right at your doorstep, acreages are perfect for those who feel at home in the countryside.
  • Less pollution: Compared to major cities, the air quality in most rural areas is significantly cleaner and free from many pollutants.
A Few Things You May Not Know If you’re coming from a more urban atmosphere, you’re likely unaware of a few considerations that are unique to acreages and other rural properties. Because you’ll be further away from the city, and thus some of the regular services, that most are used to having “built in”, you’ll need to plan for a few basic provisions, including:
  • Sewage: septic tanks and sewage removal are a crucial part of acreage living. You’ll need to make sure you have proper lines in place to facilitate drainage and upkeep.
  • Water: Your new home may be outside regular municipal lines for water delivery, in which case you’ll need to determine how you plan on accessing water on your property. Certain communities will have water co-ops, or you can look at other options including wells and cisterns. Depending on the needs of your family, your developer can help determine what works best.
  • Electricity: Your property may require new service connections. Delivering safe, reliable service requires planning and may require permits and approval. To avoid delays, be sure to determine what types of services you require. Abbey Platinum can also provide you with the framework for a variety of options for alternative energy solutions such as solar panels.
  • Garbage collection: As with water, you may be outside typical city limits. Finding out how to have waste removed from your property is a priority for new owners.
For those looking to slow down and enjoy a peaceful community, acreage life can be incredibly rewarding. If you’d like to learn more about purchasing an acreage property, contact the team at Abbey today!]]>