acreage developments, you can count on our team to make your dream of laid-back rural living possible. Learn more below! Homestead Life is Calling It’s no secret that the past two years have been full of change and challenge for all of us. Many potential homeowners have felt a little wary of jumping into the market given everything what’s been going on, but for others, the freedom and peace of mind that comes with owning your own home has been a huge sigh of relief amidst all the chaos. If you’re one of the many families that have taken advantage of the ability to spend more time outdoors and reconnected with your love of nature, acreage living is a wonderful way to build your own personal retreat, while still having all of the comforts you’d expect in a more urban setting. Building a modern-day acreage is the perfect chance to escape from the noise of the world, give yourself plenty of space to roam, and rest and recharge every day. At Abbey Platinum, we’ve partnered with countless families to design modern acreages, and find that some of the perks our homeowners enjoy most about acreage living are: Privacy and Tranquillity Not a fan of the infill lots that seem to have taken over the market? We get it. Sometimes, you need the chance to spread your wings and lay back knowing that you’re completely wrapped up in a quiet ‘bubble’ that allows you to be yourself without the worry of prying eyes. Natural Beauty Alberta’s heartland is full of beauty, and getting away from pavement and roadways is one of the best ways to fully appreciate just how spoiled we are when it comes to the natural landscape. Acreage life affords you a one-of-a-kind “backyard” that ensures you won’t miss out on any scenery. Less IS More Acreages give you plenty of room to roam, but also come with some fantastic subtractions. Namely, you can expect less traffic, fewer neighbours, and fewer distractions overall, leaving you free to breathe fresh air and stare up at the stars at night in peace and quiet! Abbey Platinum Master Built Acreages At Abbey Platinum, we believe that our homeowners deserve a build that perfectly represents their needs, sense of style, and is made to last. We’ll work closely with you to design the perfect acreage plot, ensure you have access to utilities and necessities like power, sewage, water, and more, and make sure you’re equipped with everything you need. With options for roadwork, additional landscaping, and more available, you can settle in and enjoy the laid-back life in no time! Ready to get started building your dream acreage? Contact us today to learn more about acreage living.]]>