Have you been searching the housing market in Red Deer for the perfect property to call home? Are you having a difficult time finding a home that fits your needs? If so, now is the time to consider partnering with Red Deer’s top custom home builder to create the home of your dreams!

At Abbey Platinum Master Built, our team understands how exciting it can be to design a home that meets your needs and unique sense of style. By partnering with a custom home builder like Abbey Platinum Master Built, our team will include you throughout the planning, designing, and construction process. Continue reading to learn more about the benefits of building a custom home in Red Deer with Abbey Platinum Master Built!

Why Settle for a Cookie-Cutter Home?

Searching for a home that meets your family’s needs can be challenging. When you find one that checks all your boxes, it often seems like there’s some surprise issue waiting to be discovered. Finding an existing property that perfectly matches your family is rare. It can leave you feeling frustrated with the whole process. However, a custom home from an experienced custom home builder like Abbey Platinum Master Built is a great way to take creative control over your future home.

So rather than settling for a classic cookie-cutter home, you can choose and design every little detail of your home right from the start! This means no compromising on the number of bedrooms or bathrooms, and you’re guaranteed to get all the other features you care about. Abbey Platinum Master Built is Red Deer’s top custom home builder. We look forward to working with you to craft a custom home that meets your needs and design preferences.

Outstanding Quality and Craftsmanship

While previously owned homes may be built in compliance with modern building codes and free from some common issues, the unfortunate reality is that often there are hidden surprises down the line. Crafting a home from the ground up means you can control the quality of materials used in your home and be involved in the planning, designing, and construction process. So if you decide to renovate later on, you know exactly what went into your home and how it was made. Moreover, by working with a highly skilled custom home builder, you can rest assured that your home was built with the utmost care and craftsmanship. As an award-winning custom home builder, Abbey Platinum Master Built is dedicated to providing our homeowners with stunning homes built with high-quality materials and craftsmanship.

Built to Last

Purchasing a home is one of the most significant decisions most families will ever make. It’s a serious investment, and ensuring that investment will last a lifetime is critical for your family’s happiness, comfortability, and future. New, old, or custom-built, your home should serve you for years. At Abbey Platinum Master Built, our team can assist you with these finer details that will ensure the longevity of your home, even as your family changes. Features such as additional bedrooms, age-in-place details and more are great options we can include in your custom-built home. Designing a custom home can give you peace of mind that it is built to stand up against the test of time and accommodate your family as it grows and changes.

Build with an Award-Winning Team Today!

If you’ve been considering working with a custom home builder in Red Deer, look no further than Abbey Platinum Master Built. With over 50 years of combined experience crafting custom homes in Central Alberta, our team has the skills, knowledge and expertise to ensure your home is a dream come true. Contact us today to learn more about building a custom home today!