basement renovations and what you’ll need to keep in mind to address each one. Read on to learn more! 1. Moisture One of the biggest challenges when it comes to renovating and constructing in the basement is moisture build-up. Because of their location below ground, basements are much more susceptible to moisture build-up thanks to their cooler temperatures and damper air. As you renovate, you’ll want to ensure a reliable moisture barrier is put into place. Moisture content is also particularly important to consider if you’re planning on adding a bathroom or laundry room, as both can exacerbate the issue and will require extra focus to avoid future problems. 2. Low Beams and Duct Work Basements are much more likely to have lower beams or ductwork that can make designing around them difficult. Working with a skilled contractor will help to alleviate this concern, but you’ll want to be aware that your original plans may require some slight revisions in order to work around your existing structure. 3. Insulation Do you find yourself shivering whenever you spend time in the basement? It’s time to shake off the cold and focus on making things cozy! Amping up the insulation factor in your basement will not only help you stay warm all year round, but it will also save on your energy bill each month and protect your home by continuing to keep the outside elements where they belong. If you’re in an older home or are unaware of the current status of your foundation and insulation, both of these components should be a main priority, no matter what your overall renovation objective is. 4. No Egress Windows? Planning on creating a bedroom in the basement for your teen, guests, or even contemplating making a legal secondary suite? In order to stay in alignment with current construction standards, you’ll need to ensure that your basement has egress windows that allow inhabitants to exit safely and efficiently in the event of an emergency. 5. Lighting Finally, one of the biggest complaints about basements tends to be their lack of natural lighting due to their smaller (or absent windows). Installing proper lighting will make it far easier to enjoy your space as well as drastically improve the overall look and feel of your basement. Ready to Build the Basement of Your Dreams? Abbey Platinum Master Built is here to help! Contact us today to learn more about our basement renovations, custom home building, and everything in between!]]>