custom-built estates and acreages to renovating your current layout, our team brings over 50 years of combined experience to each of our projects, guaranteeing award-winning results and customer satisfaction. Below, we’ll discuss the perks of one of the most common types of home renovations, basement finishing, including the many options you have to explore. Read on to learn more! Why Finish the Basement While there are plenty of areas of the home that homeowners favour for renovations (kitchens and bathrooms, to name a few), basements offer a unique benefit unlike any other part of your home in that they increase your square footage (more on that below), improve your building efficiency, and can add value for those looking to sell down the road. As a renovation that offers the perks of both function and style, basements are a fantastic area of the home to customize. Benefits of renovating your lower level include: Double Your Space Looking for an instant way to double the square footage of your home? Renovate the basement! Whether your family is beginning to expand or you’ve always planned on adding on to the home, finishing the basement is a great way to increase your usable space without having to worry about making an addition or other more complicated options. From savvy investors who plan to set up a legal suite to rent, to building the ultimate entertainment centre or man cave, basement renovations are the perfect chance to transform one of the most underused areas of your home. Create Your Perfect Fit Making use of your unused space not only makes sense from a comfort and value level, it also makes it easy to create an area that’s tailored to your exact wants and needs. As a blank slate, the basement is an ideal area to bring your dream room to life, whatever that may look like. From playrooms for the kids, a hobby shop for hubby, or a gorgeous home office to hone your side hustle, there’s no shortage of opportunities to explore. Increase Your Property Value Whether you’re a first-time buyer or completing the home you plan to stay in forever, a house is one of the most important investments in both your future and your well-being that you can make. Finished basements can significantly increase your home’s listing price should you choose to sell, allowing you to reap the benefits of your hard work in the long term. Whether you’re looking to flip things for your benefit in the short term or to ensure your family is looked after in the long term, our talented team of home experts can help you decide what changes work best for your end goal. Here to Help, One Change at a Time Whether you decide to sell down the line or plan to remain in your home as long as possible, a carefully planned renovation ensures you’ll be comfortable today, tomorrow, and in the many years to come. From designing layouts with accessibility features included for seniors to modernizing outdated aesthetics and more, Abbey Platinum Master Built is here to help! As the recipient of The Renovator Of The Year award and with a dedication to helping our communities grow, we’re happy to partner with you to help design your dream home today! Contact us today to learn more!]]>