award-winning home builder that takes pride in helping our owners design the perfect space with both their needs and longterm sustainability in mind, Abbey Platinum Master Built has put together a brief list highlighting three key areas and aspects to keep in mind with creating an eco-friendly home plan. Start From The Ground Up While there are plenty of things that can be done in any home to help improve your Energuide rating, true sustainability starts right from the very foundation of your property. Whether you’re designing a new build or renovating your existing space, the importance of solidifying your building envelope cannot be understated. In essence, your building envelope refers to all components of the home that are designed to form a protective bubble, or “envelope” against the outside elements. This includes your roofing, windows, door frames, foundational sealant and more. Without a strong building envelope in place, your home will constantly fall prey to colder air and moisture entering the house, wreaking havoc on your energy bill and even causing significant damage down the line. Before you look at any other elements in sustainable design, protecting your home from the outside should be the top priority. Choose Sustainable Materials To Work With While it’s true that there’s no shortage of materials to work with when designing your home, not all selections are equal, especially when it comes to being eco-friendly. Partner with your home builder to choose elements that are created using materials and processes that are less harmful to the environment, as well as those designed to last for a long time with superior energy ratings to help cut down on your footprint. Examples of materials include installing cork or linoleum flooring, installing LEDs, and potentially even installing solar panels to help offset your overall demand on the electrical grid! Apply Caution When Choosing Appliances As with above, you’ll want to choose appliances to install that abide by superior Energuide standards. You can also consider installing smart thermostats and other such items designed to help moderate energy consumption within the home for an added advantage. Designing Your Dream Green Home Is Easy With Abbey Platinum Master Built Ready to make the leap and create an eco-friendly home that the whole family will love? As Central Alberta’s trusted home building team, Abbey Platinum Master Built is here to help! Contact us today to learn more!]]>