Are you burnt out from dealing with the chaos of city life? Have you been dreaming of escaping to a rural oasis of your own? With seemingly endless swaths of stunning prairies, Central Alberta is the perfect place for families looking for a change of pace and scenery. At Abbey Platinum Master Built, our team of acreage home builders can help you craft a custom acreage that makes it easy to unwind, relax, and enjoy the rural lifestyle. With experience building acreages across Gull Lake, Pine Lake, Red Deer, Lacombe, Sylvan Lake and more, our team is sure you’ll love acreage life. Continue reading to learn more about the benefits of living on your very own custom-acreage home!

Enjoy Life at a Different Pace

While everyone living on an acreage will have their own reasons for moving from the city to the country, one of the most common draws is the opportunity to soak up our beautiful Alberta landscape and reconnect with a more quaint community. Acreages offer you and your loved ones the chance to disconnect from the city’s endless rat race and noise and bask in Central Alberta’s quiet beauty. Next are three more common benefits of building a custom acreage home.


At Abbey Platinum Master Built, many of our acreage homeowners emphasize privacy when they begin building with us. Acreage homes offer unparalleled personal privacy as they are far removed from claustrophobic cities and provide you with a significant portion of land to call your own. As Central Alberta’s top acreage home builder, Abbey Platinum Master Built is here to help you escape to your own private oasis in the countryside.

Plenty of Space

Regardless of your plans for your custom acreage, the large lot size can ensure that you have plenty of room to roam, explore, and play. Are you interested in trying your hand at homesteading? What about hosting large backyard parties? Or picking up a new outdoor hobby? Abbey Platinum Master Built’s team of acreage home builders is here to help you craft the perfect property for your family! No matter your interests or the size of your family, a custom acreage home is a great way to ensure you never feel cramped or cluttered.

Stunning Natural Views

Finally, one of the main benefits of building a custom acreage home is simply getting a better opportunity to enjoy the natural world around you. Being further away from the city’s lights, noise, and commotion means you have more opportunities to enjoy Alberta’s natural beauty. At Abbey Platinum Master Built, our acreage home builders take into consideration the natural landscape. They can adjust your acreage plans to maximize these views. That way, when you’re enjoying your morning coffee, you can sit looking out your kitchen window and soak up the sights of the local wildlife, morning sun, and uninterrupted beauty of Alberta’s heartland.

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At Abbey Platinum Master Built, we believe your acreage home should be an oasis in Alberta’s heartland. Our team of acreage home builders can ensure your build perfectly fits your needs and sense of style without compromising quality craftsmanship. We will work closely with you to craft the ideal acreage plot and ensure you have access to utilities and necessities such as power, sewage, water and more.

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