Are you contemplating leaving behind rental life or a previously owned home and finally making your dreams come true by building your next home from the ground up? Custom builds are an incredible way to make sure that all of your needs, as well as your wants, are accounted for, giving you and the whole family the perfect space to call home.

As one of Central Alberta’s most trusted home builders, Abbey Platinum Master Built is proud to partner with homebuyers to bring your dream home into a reality. If you’re debating a custom build, but aren’t sure of what to expect from the process, below are a few pointers to keep in mind. Read on to learn more!

Research Before You Build

Before you sit down with your home builder, one of the best things you can do is spend some time together discussing the key aspects you need and want in your home. Everything from the number of beds and baths to finishing touches will come into play when designing your plan, so the stronger your vision is once you do sit down with a builder, the easier it will be to design around it. You’ll also want to establish a firm budget and be prepared to share that with your builder as well.

Flexibility is Your Friend

One of the best gifts you can give yourself during the home build process is flexibility. From adding a little stretch to your budget just in case you find some ‘can’t live without features’ to being prepared to prioritize certain aspects, it’s important to realize that building a home will take a little juggling. Fortunately, partnering with an experienced builder like Abbey Platinum Master Built can make it easy to know where you need to flex and help you plan for the future with confidence!


Building your home is exciting, but patience will help you get to the finish line faster than you might expect! Know that construction is a process and that sometimes, even with the most qualified team on your side, you may face an odd delay here and there. Plan your move accordingly and have faith, your new home is closer than you think!


Finally, one of the most daunting parts of building a new home can be feeling out of the loop and lost in the process. At Abbey, we know how frustrating this can be and will always do our best to keep you updated and involved in the build, right from start to finish, through our client relation software program. If you have questions or concerns, never be afraid to voice them, and know that the right contractor will always be there to listen!

Ready to Learn More?

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