home renovations, basement development, below! Maximize Your Space, Enhance Your Comfort If your basement is cold, damp, and underutilized, you’re not alone. Despite holding a wealth of potential, many basements are left unfinished and remain a concrete domain that’s used for little aside from storage. While extra storage space is beneficial, the lower level of your home has so much more to offer. Finishing your basement is the perfect way to double the space in your home, and create a dedicated area for favourite activities or to meet your changing needs. Whether your family needs room to grow or you want to build the perfect area to spend more time together, there are plenty of reasons to tackle a basement renovation. Some of the most prominent perks of finishing your basement include: Bump Up Your Property Value Even if you have no plans of selling the home you’re in for the foreseeable future, finishing your basement adds significant value to your property as well as a competitive edge should you ever choose to list down the road. Knowing that you’ll always have your options open brings peace of mind, and as one of the highest “cost to return” remodel options, basement renos are a great way to add value today and for the many years to come. Space to Expand Life moves fast, and after a few years, sometimes what was the perfect home at the time may start feeling cramped. Whether you’re expecting a new addition to your family or your little ones have grown into more independent teens that need extra space, a basement renovation can be an easy way to enhance your useable square footage to better accommodate the needs of your family. From building extra rooms to designing a home office, dedicated workout space, or a home theatre for the whole family to enjoy Abbey Platinum Master Built has you covered! Extra Efficient Did you know that finished basements help you save on your energy bills every month, especially during the winter? It’s no secret that winter in the prairies can be chilly, leading to higher power costs as you adjust your thermostat to heat the home. Finished basements have a higher insulation value and do a better job of keeping the cold outdoors where it belongs, allowing you to stay toasty warm without increasing your spending! At Abbey Platinum, we take each renovation seriously, and you can count on us to help identify the many different ways you can create a basement that helps the whole home stay safe and warm, all year-round. Ready to Make Your Dream Home a Reality? Stop dreaming about the perfect place to call home and start living in the space you’ve always wanted. With multiple awards, including several Builder of the Year titles, you can count on Abbey Platinum Master Built to help you create the perfect fit for today, tomorrow, and the many years to come. Contact us today to learn more about our many renovations services including basement remodels and more!]]>