award-winning renovation and construction team, Abbey Platinum Master Built is proud to partner with homeowners from across Central Alberta to design custom spaces that are perfect for their unique needs. Below we’ll discuss five signs it’s time to renovate your home. Read on to learn more! 1. Your Home Has Visible Signs of Deterioration and Aging It’s a simple fact that all homes will begin to show signs of wear and tear over time, but there comes a point where certain issues become a matter of safety rather than a mild aesthetic inconvenience. Your first priority for any home renovation should be tending to any extenuating problems that pose a risk to your property such as foundation cracks, poor building envelope (windows/doors/roofing/etc), faulty electrical wiring, and more. Once your home is up to standard, you can look at handling further renovations with confidence and care! 2. You’re Running Out of Space Whether your family is expecting a new addition or the kids have outgrown their shared space, one of the major motivators behind home renovations is a lack of space in the house. Basement renovations can be the perfect way to instantly double your square footage without having to deal with costly additions, all while increasing your property value and overall comfort in the home! 3. Your Home is Out of Date Tired of looking at the same old kitchen that hasn’t been updated since the ’70s? Frustrated with the creaks and groans that come from old floors that are well past their prime? Updating key features and spaces in your home breathes new life into the entire property and ensures you’ll be good to go for decades to come! 4. Your Space Isn’t Functioning Properly Feeling cramped in the bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, or other key areas throughout your home? Sometimes, our dream deal needs a little TLC after we move in to make the vision of the home you’ve always wanted to come to life. A renovation is a perfect way to customize and make sure things are just right for the whole family. 5. You Want to Boost Your Resale Value As we mentioned above, one of the major perks of home renovations is that they can be used as a valuable way to increase your listing price and market value should you ever choose to sell. Savvy homeowners are increasingly looking at renovations that open up the accessibility of their home with age in place or universal access features, which in turn broadens your seller’s market and can give you the leading edge in your neighbourhood when it counts the most. Dare to Dream Big With Abbey Platinum Master Built At Abbey Platinum Master Built, we know that no two families are the same. That’s why our team is always here to help you create a home that’s the perfect fit for your unique wants and needs, one room at a time. As a preferred builder and renovation team throughout Central Alberta, you can count on us to always have your back and make your home feel just like…well, home! Contact us today to learn more about our renovation options, custom builds and all things housing!]]>