fire restoration company to restore your home, it’s imperative to take note of a few crucial items. Experts recommend that you should take proactive measures to prepare for a fire restoration service before it’s too late. In this article, we will outline the top four items you need to have in check before reaching out to a fire restoration company.

Insurance policy documents

One of the first things you should cross-check when scheduling fire restoration services is your homeowner’s insurance policy. You need to have an understanding of your insurance policy and the extent it covers fire damages. Some policies may not finance the total list of fire damage restorations. Thus, it’s essential to find out whether your policy coverage includes smoke and soot removal, water damage restoration, and reconstruction.

Initial Documentation of Fire Damage

When the fire is out, the next step is to assess the extent of the fire damage. You can hire a professional contractor who specializes in fire damage restoration, document the entire damage, and prepare a comprehensive report. The report should have details such as the extent of the fire damage, the severity of the smoke and soot, and any additional property damage. This report is not only vital for insurance claims but also helps to streamline the fire restoration process.

Secure the Area

Before you hire a fire restoration company, ensure that they can operate in a secure environment as they work. You can start by putting up no-trespassing signs to minimize any chances of theft or tampering with the damaged property by curious passersby. Having a secure environment also ensures the safety of the fire restoration technicians working on-site.


Restoring a fire-damaged home goes beyond removing the debris. There are logistics involved in transporting the equipment and materials to the job site, storing the debris, sourcing new materials and equipment, and managing the workforce. Before hiring a restoration company, discuss their logistics plan and ensure everything is in check. Restoring a fire-damaged home can be challenging, but hiring the right professionals with proper planning and preparation can limit the damages. By understanding your insurance policy, initial documentation of the damage, securing the area, and proper logistics, you can assure yourself of a smooth fire restoration process. Remember to stay positive and keep an open communication channel with your fire restoration company. Are you dealing with a fire restoration? Speak with our experienced team.]]>