help renovate and renew their properties. From medical suites to restaurants and everything in between, we’re here to help you make the most of your space. Below, we’ll cover a few key factors and areas to keep in mind when transforming your commercial space. 1. Safety First The end goal of any space, commercial or otherwise, is to provide a safe and stylish area for you to conduct your day-to-day dealings. One of the most important reasons to pursue a commercial renovation is addressing issues that have popped up over time, as well as any major concerns that may have happened as the result of inclimate weather or other unforeseen circumstances. While style and aesthetics will play a role in any remodel, the first priority should always be creating a safe property for tenants, residents, and guests to enjoy. 2. Tenant Minded Remodels If you own a large commercial space with multiple tenants (or with the intent to have them down the line), you need to think with their needs in mind. Designing suites that are versatile and give tenants plenty of room to work and structure to their own ends will make your life easier as a landlord and make your property far more appealing to prospective businesses. Whether you’re predominately retail or targeting offices, medical clients, etc, be sure that your space reflects both the client, as well as their customers, and you’ll find yourself in a far better position to rent out space. 3. Energy Efficiency Similar to our first point, one of the biggest challenges faced by property owners can be creating and maintaining a space that is energy efficient all year round. Over time, the building envelope can degrade, letting cold air and moisture in, and eventually leading to structural problems as well as a much higher monthly bill. Working with a qualified construction team will make it easy to identify areas where your building may be lacking and will allow you to make changes as needed. 4. Optimize Space Do you make the most of your space? If you find your team constantly tripping over one another, or constantly in need of extra areas to accommodate your expanding services etc, it’s time to remodel. Building efficiently as well as proactively will ensure you always have the room you need, today, tomorrow, and for the many years to come! Let Us Help You! Need help building the perfect commercial space? We’ve got you covered. For more information on commercial renovations with Abbey Platinum Master Built, contact us today!]]>