Double Your Space! One of the main reasons homeowners choose to finish their basements is the act that doing so instantly doubles the space you have within the home. Regardless of what your final intentions for the lower level of your home are, a renovation is the perfect starting point that helps bring the full picture into view. From savvy property investors looking to create a viable secondary suite to families looking to give the kids more room to play, doubling your square footage is endlessly beneficial to your home life. Create The Perfect Fit As we mentioned above, having extra space to work with makes it much easier to create a custom area that’s tailored to your wants and needs. Partnering with an award-winning team like Abbey Platinum makes it easy to design a plan that factors in your current needs, as well as your desires in the long term, meaning you can rest assured that your renovation will keep the whole family happy for years to come! Save On Energy! Did you know that finishing your basement is one of the best ways to help seal your home’s building envelope (the technical term for how different elements come together to form a protective seal against the outside)? There’s a reason why most of the lower levels in older homes are significantly cooler than the rest of the home: sub-ground areas can often be poorly insulated, and unseen cracks or drafts can quickly bring cold air into the home, especially during the winter months. This, in turn, can rapidly drop the overall temperature throughout the home, translating into bigger energy bills and a strain on your monthly budget. A finished basement will help to address such issues, as well as give you a cozy area to relax and unwind. Add Property Value Finally, another core reason to renovate your basement is the long term value it adds to your home. Should you plan to sell in the future, you’ll likely be able to list the house at a higher asking price due to your investment, and will have a leading edge over other properties. For those seeking a renovation predominantly for this reason, Abbey Platinum is happy to work alongside you to identify main features that need to be updated (outdated flooring and fixtures can be a major detractor) and design a layout that is appealing to prospective buyers. Your Perfect Home Awaits As the premier home builder in the Central Alberta Region, the Abbey Platinum Master Built team is here to help you create the perfect fit for your family. From new builds and quick possessions to luxury estates, renovations, restorations and more, we’re always here to help you feel at home. Contact our team today to learn more!]]>