townhomes to luxury estates, our award-winning team is here to partner with you to build a custom space you’re proud to call home! Below, we’ll cover some of the top home design trends that new owners are incorporating into their new builds for 2022. Read on to learn how you can make your next home extra stylish! Home Offices It should come as no surprise that one of the most in-demand features in new homes these days is a home office. Over the past 2 years, many Albertans have found themselves spending an increasing amount of time at home, including during their workdays. With many businesses opting to make a more permanent shift to a work-from-home environment, home offices have become a vital part of ensuring work/life balancing and ensuring you have a comfortable place to get down to it, without being interrupted by day to day noise, etc. Smart Homes Technology has come a long way in the past decade, especially where home integration is concerned! Modern homes are becoming increasingly filled with smart technology that makes our lives a little easier, from smart lights, automated door locks, alarm systems, and plenty more features that help you make the most of your space. Bold Features While previous years have seen homes adopt a more subtle “airy” aesthetic, the 2020s have grabbed design by the horns and opted for a bolder approach with darker/brighter colours, textures, accents, and other eye-catching elements taking centre stage. Now is the perfect time to let your personality shine through with dramatic features that draw attention and add a special flair to your favourite spaces. Multi-functional Spaces Single-use spaces have become less popular over the years, with more and more families enjoying the luxury of rooms that are more versatile to your needs. From basements that have the potential to be a games room, office, play area or exercise area to kitchens that lead directly into the dining area, there are plenty of ways to design a space that’s flexible for your needs, and that gives everyone the optimal chance to enjoy your space for years to come! Build Your Dream Home With Abbey Platinum Master Built Today! Want to learn more about building a custom home in Red Deer or surrounding communities in Central Alberta? Contact Abbey Platinum Master Built today! Our award-winning team is always here to help and would love nothing more than to help you fulfil your dream of luxury living in Alberta’s heartland.]]>