The Perks of Quick Possession Homes It can be challenging to determine whether buying a new home or a custom-built one is best for you and your family. While custom-built homes can have many benefits, such as that personal touch, a quick possession home can be a more convenient option. Quick possession homes are available immediately, so you and your family can move in tomorrow rather than months from now when your custom build is finally completed. Quick possession homes from Abbey Platinum Master Built are designed with the same commitment to quality, service, and value as one of our custom-built homes. So you can expect stunning floor plans, unique features and welcoming communities. Buying a new home in Alberta also allows you access to the Alberta New Home Warranty Program so that you can have confidence in your purchase. At Abbey Platinum, our quick possession houses can be your family’s future dream home. With a range of homes available, we are sure you’ll find the perfect fit!

You Can Always Renovate Later!

Quick possession homes come complete and ready to move in; however, that doesn’t mean you can’t change them at a later date. From additions to remixed floorplans, new features and more, whatever your renovation dreams are, Abbey Platinum can complete your project. That means your future home can meet all of your expectations as your family grows and changes. So if your quick possession homes need an update or to be changed to fit your needs better, our team at Abbey Platinum is here to help!

Homes Available in Central Alberta

At Abbey Platinum Master Built, we have multiple quick possession homes available across Central Alberta. Each of our incredible homes is designed and built with the highest quality, latest styles, and must-have features your family wants and needs. With a range of floorplans and models to choose from, our Abbey Platinum Master Built team looks forward to helping your family find the perfect house to call home. Contact our team today to find out more about our available quick possession homes!]]>