Be In The Heart Of It All Located between the capital city of Edmonton and metropolitan centre of Calgary, Red Deer is smack dab in the middle of Alberta’s pulse. Those wishing to be well connected to the rest of the province without living in the chaos of a major metropolis will appreciate the easy access Red Deer affords to surrounding communities, as well as the city’s infrastructure, which includes plenty of shopping areas, recreation and arts centres. Stunning Natural Beauty Alberta’s heartland is known for incredible views year round, and Red Deer is no exception. Those looking to escape the hustle and bustle of big city life and settle into an environment that allows them to be close to nature, while still enjoying modern comforts will love the Red Deer region. Explore the many paths, trails, forests and fields that line the area and satisfy your love of the great outdoors in natural focused communities like the Evergreen neighbourhood! Thriving Industry Red Deer is home to one of Alberta’s most thriving industrial communities, with a strong economy that feeds multiple sectors throughout the province as well as across Canada. With plenty of families relocating for job opportunities and industrial expansion, entrepreneurs, workers, and investors alike, will feel right at home. A Welcoming Community Finally, the Prairies are well known for their welcoming, outgoing communities. Red Deer takes this sentiment to heart with incredibly friendly locals that are more than happy to show you around your new home. Discover Your New Red Deer Home With Abbey Platinum Master Built Abbey Platinum Master Built is proud to be a leading homebuilder within Central Alberta. With over 50 years of experience in the home building industry, Abbey Platinum is the highest award winning builder in the region. With homes available in some of the most popular Red Deer neighbourhoods, we’re happy to help you find your family the perfect fit from one of our existing models, or a brand new custom build. Contact our team today to learn more!]]>