outstanding communities like Red Deer, Blackfalds, Penhold, Sylvan Lake and Lacombe. For over 30 years, we’ve helped Albertans build homes that keep your needs today, tomorrow and for the many years to come in mind, ensuring that your house always feels like home. Below, we’ll discuss 5 signs it’s time to consider a new home. Read on to learn more! You’re Feeling the Squeeze If working from home and having everyone indoors for an extended period has left you feeling a tad stressed and pressed for space, you’re not alone. Many Albertans have found that being home more than usual has made them more aware of how confining their current space is, making the need for additional room a bigger priority than it has been in the past. Whether your kids have grown or you’re expecting a new addition in the coming months, buying a new home is a great way to make sure you have the space you need for everyone to feel as comfortable as possible in the long term! You Have Too Much Space On the other hand, if your kids have recently moved out, you may be finding yourself with far too much space on your hands. If you’re tired of constantly vacuuming and cleaning rooms you rarely use and find yourself constantly wondering what to do with all your excess space, it may be time to consider moving into a smaller home that’s better suited to your current lifestyle. Building a home with a smaller footprint that also features age-in-place features is a great way to make the most out of your forever home and ensure you get the best resale potential if you ever decide to move on in the future. Your Needs Are Changing Life moves fast, and unfortunately, sometimes our homes don’t always keep up with our needs as much as we may have hoped back when moving in. Whether your family has expanded more than anticipated, you’ve realized you need more space for socializing, or you simply want a space that’s more adaptable to your plans, building a custom home is a great way to maximize your value and make the most of your space. There Goes the Neighbourhood… Sometimes, even though our homes may still be a good fit, the neighbourhood we live in isn’t. From over expansion and crowding caused by poor infrastructure planning to bad neighbours, increasing crime rates, or steadily dropping property values, living in the perfect home isn’t always just about the house itself. If you find you no longer love where you live, it may be time to seriously consider a change. Your Current House Doesn’t Feel Like Home Finally, there are many reasons you may begin to feel less of a connection with your current home and find your heart wandering towards the idea of purchasing a different property. Whether your life circumstances have changed and you need a fresh start or you want to make a smart investment in your future, Abbey Platinum Master Built believes that every family deserves a home that feels right for you. We know that there are endless little details that go into creating a house that feels like home, and whatever your reasons for wanting a new fit are, we’re here to listen and partner with you to create a space that makes you feel at peace, comfortable, and ready to enjoy life in your new home! Ready For a Fresh Start? Contact Abbey Platinum Master Built to learn more about building your dream home in Central Alberta today!]]>