Made for You The most obvious benefit of custom-built homes is that they can be customized to your preferences, giving you plenty of ways to alter traditional flow plans and create a space that’s as unique as you are. Whether you need a specific number of bedrooms, want to make sure you have a dedicated space for your hobbies, or simply just prefer a specific kind of layout, custom builds are the easiest way to make sure you get as close to the perfect match as possible! Functionality Anyone who’s ever spent time-fighting over the bathroom sink/mirror, or dealing with the headache of a cramped kitchen, tiny secondary bedrooms, etc, knows just how important it is to have more of a say in the overall design and build of your home. Custom builds allow you to do just that and create a layout that allows you to go about your daily routine with ease. Let Your Personality Shine Preset layouts and designs can stifle your creativity and force you to choose something that’s a little less…you than you might like. A custom build eliminates this concern and allows you to let your creativity take centre stage! From bold features to elements inspired by the latest trends or your favourite places, there are endless ways to customize. Selection and Lifestyle The last thing you want when dreaming of your perfect home is to feel limited in terms of what you can actually build. When you start fresh from the ground up, you can build the right fit for your lifestyle, including your future plans. From couples planning to expand their family with little ones to retirees building with tomorrow in mind, Abbey Platinum has you covered! Quality and Peace of Mind Custom Builds give you extra peace of mind by making sure you get exactly what you want, with no need to plan renovation after renovation to get there down the line. When you partner with a skilled team like Abbey’s you can rest assured that you’re in good hands and you’re sure to love the results! Build With Abbey Platinum Master Built Today! At Abbey Platinum Master Built we know how important each build is to our homeowners. Our passion is crafting exceptional homes that help bring your vision to life while also giving you safety and peace of mind for the many decades to come. Our customers are the heart of everything we do, from custom home builds to luxury estates, acreages, quick possession homes, and more. Contact us today to learn how we can partner with you to make your next custom build a success!]]>