build fresh, plenty of others have opted to remain in the same home. Why? As the team at Abbey Platinum Master Built knows…once you find your perfect fit, sometimes leaving just isn’t an option. If you’re in love with your home as well as your current neighbourhood but want to get more out of your space, Abbey Platinum Master Built is here to help! In addition to being an award-winning builder of new homes throughout Central, we’re also happy to partner alongside homeowners to revamp and renovate the space you already know and love. If you’re looking to add value to your home and are wondering what major renovations can transform your house for the future, below are a few key areas to keep in mind: Finishing the Basement Want to instantly double your square footage, lower your energy bills and stay cozy all year round? Consider a basement renovation! Basements are one of the most underused and neglected areas of many homes, but with a little TLC and a skilled contracting team, you can create the dream area you’ve always wanted and increase your overall home value in the process. Build your very own home theatre, workout space, or even a dedicated home office and watch your value grow! Entire Floor Renos Do you have a particular floor of your home that feels overly dated? Have you been trying to tackle things one room at a time on a DIY budget and feeling overwhelmed? Sometimes, the best way forward is to restructure an entire floor, so the final result is cohesive, functional, and long-lasting. From main-floor renos that cover the kitchen and communal relaxation spaces to upper floor or master suite-focused changes, tackling multiple areas at once can be easy with an experienced team like Abbey Platinium’s crew of builders! Additions Has your family grown? Feeling a little tighter in your space than ever before? Additions can be a great way to build a new space around your existing floor plan. With custom designs that can be configured to meet your exact needs, getting a little extra space without having to move is perfect for peace of mind. Whole Home Renovations Do you own a character home or a house that’s started to show its age? Wear and tear is a fact of life, and sometimes even the best care and maintenance can’t stop our homes from needing a little extra love to look their best. Whole home renovations can be a major undertaking, but for those who truly love where their home is located and want to make the most out of the whole package, tackling things from a holistic perspective is ideal. What’s Your Renovation Style? Abbey Platinum Master Built is proud to be an award-winning home builder and renovation team serving Central Alberta. From small fixes to major updates, fire reconstruction, disaster relief and more, we’re here to make sure you have the home of your dreams. Contact our team today to learn how we can make your vision come to life!]]>