acreage properties. If you’re considering embracing acreage life in the near future, below are some of the key aspects you’ll want to be aware of before making the leap. Life Away From The City Means Distance From Vital Services One of the major elements that prospective homeowners may not be aware of when looking into building an acreage is that, because you’ll be further removed from city limits, your property likely won’t have access to many of the services you’re used to having bundled in with your home. With acreages, you’ll also want to account for basic provisions like: Waste Removal As you’re not attached to the main urban sewer lines, septic systems and sewage removal services are a key aspect of acreage living. In order to prevent back flow or other issues, you’ll need to make sure you have proper lines in place for drainage and upkeep. Water Delivery Your new property may be outside regular municipal lines for water delivery, in which case you’ll need to determine how you plan on accessing water on the premises. Certain communities will have water co-ops, or you can look at other options including wells and cisterns. Abbey Platinum Master Built works closely with our acreage clients to determine what system of delivery works best for the unique needs of their family. Electricity Depending on where your acreage is located, there’s a decent chance it may require new service connections in order to have electricity. Delivering safe, reliable service requires planning. Whether using traditional above or below ground service or solar systems, Abbey Platinum can provide you with the framework for a variety of options for energy solutions. Garbage collection As with water, you may be outside typical city limits for garbage collection. Finding out how to have waste removed from your property will be important for new owners. Other Essentials Along with the above elements, you’ll also want to take a closer look at available bus routes if you have children attending school in the area, as well as road access in and out of the property, distances to local shopping centres and community hubs and more. With a little planning and foresight, acreage living can be incredibly rewarding for the whole family. Contact Abbey Platinum Master Built today to learn more about making your dream rural home a reality!]]>