quick possession homes in Red Deer, Alberta. Keep reading to learn more about the top three reasons Central Albertan first-time home buyers love Abbey Platinum’s quick possession homes.

Speedy Occupancy

We are often asked: How quick is quick possession? Well, it all depends on the client’s situation! For a swift process from start to finish, we highly recommend our clients have their banking in order before starting their home-buying process, including having all approvals and pre-approvals ready. Regarding how quickly clients can expect to occupy their new Red Deer quick possession home: it can be as fast as completing the pre-occupancy construction, including all the internal and external home finishings. Abbey Platinum offers post-occupancy work after the client moves into their home, like adding the front turf and a driveway.

Energy Efficient Build

Weather in Central Alberta is often unpredictable, and many Albertans live in older homes with inefficient designs and poor insulation, which results in their homes being too cold in the winter and too hot in the summer. When building a quick possession home, Abbey Platinum Master Built uses the very best materials to improve energy efficiency. We use triple-pane windows to regulate the home’s temperature and improve noise reduction. A simple feature like three layers of glass dramatically reduces the need for air conditioning during summer and keeps the home warmer in the winter with the help of high-efficiency furnaces and water tanks. However, it is important to note that AC can always be installed post-occupancy because of the built-in HVAC and delivery systems!

Ideal Amenities

Abbey Platinum does not cut any corners when it comes to building our Quick Possession homes. We only source high-quality materials and products. All kitchen appliances, fridge, stove, dishwasher, microwave, and hood fan, are name-branded with the warranty attached. What sets Abbey Platinum’s quick possession homes apart from the new homes on the market is the addition of a back deck–no assembly is required on the client’s behalf. We also use pre-cast concrete stairs as they are cost-effective, quality-assured and quick to install.

Why build with Abbey Platinum Master Built?

When we say master built, we mean it! Abbey Platinum Master Built is Central Alberta’s most decorated home builder. We proudly hold accolades such as a 2-time winner for Renovator of the Year and a 5-time winner for Builder of the Year. Abbey Platinum’s exceptionally talented team comprises master builders, electricians, renovators, and many more fields. Building high-quality, high-value homes at an affordable price is the keystone of our business. The masterful team behind Abbey Platinum collaborates with our customers to provide the perfect blend of quality, value and service while offering our home design and construction expertise. Customer satisfaction is a top priority, starting with our commitment to open and honest communication.

Get in Touch

When customers share their dreams for their ideal perfect home, we work hard to make them a reality. When clients partner with us to build their new homes, we are confident that the finished process will leave them feeling confident, content and rewarded. Red Deer is an ever-growing and expanding city in Central Alberta with plenty to offer, like beautiful neighbourhoods, diverse education options from kindergarten to university, and low cost of living, making it the perfect city for new home buyers to settle down and start their lives. Ready to start your home buying journey? Get in touch with our fantastic team today and learn about the move-in ready quick possession homes available in Red Deer!]]>