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Abbey Platinum Master Renovations

At Abbey Platinum Master Built, we have a long history of providing exceptional services for our clients in Red Deer and Central Alberta. As a two-time winner of the BILD-Central Alberta Renovator of the Year award, it’s safe to say we know a thing or two about basement renovations… and beyond! If you are considering developing your basement, look to Abbey Platinum Master Built. Instead of leaving your basement unfinished and solely using it for storage, we highly recommend renovating and finishing it to design, develop or refresh your basement to increase your home’s livable square footage.

Growing Family

It might feel like your house is becoming too small for your family, and it’s time to look for a larger home, but is your basement unfinished? Bringing in Abbey Platinum Master Built, we can work with you and your children to create the perfect additional level for your home. The basement is an untapped land of opportunity! Getting the basement room is the dream of every oldest child. It’s like their first crack at independence from their parents (even if it’s only a floor below).

Additional Bathrooms

Any parents raising teenagers knows how important it is to have enough bathrooms in the home. When the amount of family members outnumber the bathrooms, siblings trying to use the bathroom is like navigating a ticking time bomb. The more bathrooms a home can have, the easier it is for parents to keep the peace. If the basement is expanded into a new living level, sibling arguments get nipped in the bud when the lucky kid gets to move into the basement and stake their claim on that bathroom. Working around the necessary fixture services like the mechanical, water, and electrical delivery systems, Abbey Platinum Master Built’s team can seamlessly design and install a full bathroom with an integrated water closet, privacy door and dual sinks.

Expanded Living and Recreation Room

When there are kids in the home, the value of having a recreation area where they can play and wrestle without the possibility of harming themselves (or your furniture) cannot be overstated. Providing children with a space where they can be kids is so important! Renovating the basement into a carpeted, comfortable space where toys can live will effectively declutter the main living areas! Be warned, though: your really cool renovated basement might become the new hang-out spot for your kids and all their friends!

Increased Home Value

As we mentioned earlier, most homes being purchased have unfinished basements. By renovating and developing your basement, you will effectively increase the market value of your home by creating an additional, fully livable level! When the livable, functional square footage increases, so does your property value. By hiring Abbey Platinum Master Built to design and renovate your basement, you will increase your current quality of life while investing in your home’s overall value. Are you interested in learning more about renovating your Red Deer home? Call our incredible sales team today to learn more about your options, or visit our Red Deer office and chat with the staff in person!]]>