Create a Functional, Comfortable, and Convenient Space An unfinished basement is essentially an empty space full of potential. With the opportunity to create an incredible space that adds value to your home, Abbey Platinum Master Built is here to help you with all your basement renovation needs. Are you looking to add another bedroom to your home? No problem! What about a home office? Absolutely! Whatever ideas you have for your unfinished basement, our team is here to help ensure those dreams come true! With decades of renovation and home-building experience under our belts, Abbey Platinum Master Built is your top choice for basement renovators in Red Deer.

Unfinished Basement? No problem!

Renovating your basement is a fantastic way to add significant value to your home and increase your overall square footage, functionality and enjoyment. As alluded to previously, you can use a basement renovation to craft a range of rooms such as a legal secondary suite, home gym, additional bathroom, home office, and so much more. Just about anything you can think of for your basement renovation, Abbey Platinum Master Built can make it happen! If your next home improvement project is finishing your basement, let the expert builders at Abbey Platinum Master Built sit down with you and draw up a custom plan. Basement renovations can pose a few unique challenges compared to other home renovations. So a few things our team will need to know are as follows:
  • Are there any known issues with your Red Deer home (i.e. drafts, mould, or leaks)?
  • Where in your basement is your water supply located?
  • What are your area’s zoning laws and safety regulations?
  • What is your budget?
  • How flexible is your timeline?
Each of these above questions is vital for renovating your basement as depending on your answers, it could affect the extent and process of finishing it. However, Abbey Platinum Master Built’s team will do our best to ensure your basement renovation goes as smoothly as possible. As Red Deer’s highest-awarded home builder and renovator, our team is dedicated to providing you with the renovation results of your dreams!

Renovate with Abbey Platinum Master Built Today!

Are you ready to turn your unfinished basement into a stunning space? Let the experts at Abbey Platinum Master Built help you craft a finished basement that adds value, joy, and personality to your Red Deer Home. Contact us today to get started on your basement renovation!]]>