really spend in your unfinished basement? Outside of popping down to check on the furnace, water tank and electrical panel, the basement is an afterthought for most homeowners. It’s the ideal storage place for large items like the Christmas tree and decorations, boxes of childhood memories or even old furniture you can’t seem to get rid of. Not only does the basement store important and sentimental items, but it also plays a crucial role in the structural health of your home. As the homeowner, you must be aware of any possible signs of damage or deterioration, especially in an older home. The constant exposure to Alberta’s harsh winters and extreme temperature shifts significantly affects your home’s building envelope and structural integrity. Abbey Platinum Master Built has a long history of helping many Albertans in Red Deer, and surrounding communities renovate their basements and correct any structural damage formed over time from weather, age, or additional circumstances.

Signs of Basement Damage

  1. Condensation: Moisture build-up and consistent leaks are key indicators that the building envelope has been damaged. Condensation damage can lead to mould and eat away at other areas of the building.
  2. Visible Foundation Damage: If you see a hairline crack in your foundation, do not brush it off as a non-issue! Bring in a professional as soon as possible because cracks can indicate serious underlying issues within your home’s structural integrity.
  3. Bowed Walls & Sinking Ceilings: Similar to any visible cracks, bowed walls and sinking ceilings can signal that structural (likely water) damage has developed. Do not hesitate to bring in a professional to perform an inspection!
  4. Extreme Temperature Fluctuations: Unfinished basements are always a little chilly. However, if your home cannot maintain a consistent temperature and your heating bill has skyrocketed, your insulation is probably compromised.
  5. Odours: If you’ve noticed a persistent scent coming from the basement that is musty, mildewy or mouldy— call in a professional. The source of the smell could be any number of things, from mice to mould. It could also be your son’s hockey bag! If you have a persistent smell in your basement, let’s investigate!

Hire Knowledgeable & Experienced Builders

Abbey Platinum’s award-winning renovations go beyond code requirements. Alberta’s ever-changing building code is about efficiency and safety and introducing state-of-the-art materials. Each year, the provincial building code gets increasingly complex and more involved to ensure a quality baseline for all builders. We go beyond those requirements in specified ways to ensure we touch on our clients’ most important elements! Energy efficiency is a top priority when building new homes, especially in central Alberta. Your home must be tough enough to withstand the harsh prairie winters and extreme weather. Abbey Platinum uses the best materials to keep your home in top condition for many years.

Abbey Platinum Master Renovation

Abbey Platinum Master Built is the premier home builder for Red Deer and surrounding central Alberta communities. With innumerable best-in-class awards and two-time winner of the BILD-Central-Alberta Renovator of the Year award, Abbey Platinum is the renovator for you. Abbey Platinum’s award-winning renovation services are here to serve you and your family. Get in touch with us today.]]>