Metropolitan Magic Meets Rural Simplicity Red Deer attracts visitors and residents for many reasons, not least among which is the distinct charm that defines the city. Unlike its fellow larger cities in the region, Red Deer has a unique ability to perfectly meld the hustle and bustle of urban life with the gentle tranquility of the surrounding rural landscape. Red Deer has a fantastic infrastructure system that makes transportation and travelling straightforward, and multiple recreation and entertainment centres along with several shopping centres which make enjoying daily perks easy. With countless communities located within a close distance to modern comforts, you can relax knowing that everything you need is nearby. A Vibrant Arts Scene It’s no secret that Red Deer is well known for its generous contributions to Oil & Gas, as well as the Agriculture Sector. This prairie gem is steadily becoming a vibrant bubble of arts, culture and entertainment for everyone to enjoy. For creative souls, you’ll find no shortage of arts and culture to consume, including many museums, theatre events, and Red Deer’s very own symphony orchestra. Breathtaking Natural Beauty Alberta’s Heartland is world-renowned for its scenic views and lush natural landscape. With endless trails, parks, and areas to explore, connecting with your roots is easier than ever, and raising a family surrounded by the beauty of Canada simply involves looking out your window! Discover Your New Red Deer Home With Abbey Platinum Master Built Abbey Platinum Master Built is proud to be a leading home builder within Central Alberta. With over 50 years of experience in the home building industry, Abbey Platinum is the highest award-winning builder in the region. With homes available in some of the most popular Red Deer neighbourhoods, we’re happy to help you find your family the perfect fit from one of our existing models or a brand new custom build. Contact our team today to learn more!]]>