Welcome to the Heart of the Canadian Prairies! Are you planning on an upcoming move to or within Central Alberta? As one of the province’s most rapidly evolving regions, Central Alberta has become an incredible place to call home for young families, entrepreneurs, seniors, and just about everyone in between! Once thought of as the simple go-between point for Calgary and Edmonton, Red Deer has become a booming city full of opportunity and expanding developments alongside a thriving culture and plenty of natural beauty. Abbey Platinum Master Built is proud to be one of the region’s most trusted home builders and to have our headquarters located in Red Deer. Each year, we welcome new families from all over the province to our beautiful slice of prairie paradise and are thrilled to have our homes featured in several prominent neighbourhoods throughout the city. Learn more about the city of Red Deer, as well as Abbey Platinum Master Built’s developments below! Where City Chic Meets Rural Charm One of the most unique aspects of Red Deer as a city is the fact that, despite being home to one of Canada’s fastest-growing economic hotbeds, the municipality has managed to maintain the laidback rural charm that has been long associated with Central Alberta. While the city continues to grow and expand and now features fantastic leisure centres, a dynamic arts culture, and routinely sees new developments in the works, Red Deer still allows you to enjoy the full beauty and tranquility of the prairies with ease. Whether you’re in the process of kickstarting your career or want a quieter place to raise your family, there’s no shortage of reasons to call Red Deer home. A Neighbourhood for Everyone As a rapidly expanding locale, Red Deer has several neighbourhoods to choose from, each with their own distinct feel and features. Popular areas for homebuyers include: Laredo Laredo is ideal for homeowners wishing to capture the rural charm of Alberta’s heartland while enjoying the modern luxury of estate living. Laredo makes it easy to stay connected with everyday amenities like schools, shopping areas, and recreation centres, but also affords you an extra layer of privacy. Evergreen The Evergreen community puts natural beauty on full display. Full of lush parks, walking trails and endless areas to explore, Evergreen includes several styles of homes including traditional single-family residences and modern estates. Clearmont Located in the northeast end of Red Deer, Clearmont is a development project that features custom homes, close proximity to River Bend Golf Course and the river valley. For those who love wildlife, you’ll be pleased to learn that Clearmont is located close to Alberta’s first federal migratory-bird sanctuary! Watch This Space Just like Red Deer, the Abbey Platinum Master Build team is always developing! We’re proud to offer a wide selection of floor models to choose from, as well as award winning craftsmanship you can trust. Contact us today to learn more!]]>