Questions to Ask When Building a New Home Are you in the market for a new home and contemplating building a new one? Creating the perfect space for yourself, as well as the whole family, is an exciting prospect, and Central Alberta is a picture-perfect place to call home. With an endless sprawl of natural beauty and the ideal mix of rural charm and urban excitement, Red Deer is a vibrant locale for young families, entrepreneurs and retirees alike. At Abbey Platinum Master Built, there’s nothing we love more than helping Albertans build their dream home. If you’re looking to build in Red Deer or throughout Central Alberta, our team is here to help! Below, we’ll cover 5 key questions to ask yourself, as well as your builder when developing your new home. Read on to learn more! Why Are You Looking to Build? There are countless reasons to consider building new instead of purchasing an existing house. Whether you want a design that fits the exact needs of your family, are looking to create the perfect long-term investment property, or simply have a specific vision in mind, there’s no shortage of opportunities available with a new build. Having a clear idea of why you want a new home, as well as what you want in the house itself will help guide you along the way as you choose a developer and ensure you find the right fit! What is Included in the Base Cost? Not all builders include the same elements in their base build. Even though it can be easy to assume that the lot itself or even landscaping is included in your overall cost, it’s crucial to clarify with any potential developer to avoid being caught unaware. At Abbey Platinum Master Built, we include the cost of the lot, as well as the basic landscape, with our homes to give you the best experience possible! What Finishes Are Included? Similarly to the above, it’s important to clarify what finishing touches are considered standard for your model and what would be considered an upgrade (as well as if upgrades are available). While most builders will have a portfolio of set home models available, experienced custom builders like the team at Abbey Platinum are always happy to let you leave your mark by choosing customized flooring, countertops, fixtures, etc. What is Your Timeline for Completion One of the most obvious differences between a new build and an already existing model is the time it takes to move in. If you have a specific timeframe in mind, it’s important to discuss this with your developer ASAP. Most experienced teams will be able to give you a solid idea of when they expect construction to be completed, as well as how they stick to timelines. Need to move in faster? If life is in the fast lane for you, consider a quick possession home instead! What Warranties are Included? While the majority of new homes in Alberta will fall under the Alberta New Home Warranty Program, it’s important to clarify if your home builder has partnered with the program and/or if they offer separate/additional warranties. Warranties should always have your best interests in mind and give you the peace of mind you deserve within a brand new home. Ready to Settle Down in Central Alberta? Create the home of your dreams with Abbey Platinum Master Built today. Contact our team to learn more about building in and around Red Deer.]]>